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HyTek Home Inspection Rates

If you're paying more for our services, You're getting more from our services....


Now is not the time to budget $50 or even $100 to get a substandard inspection?



Reason's to consider hiring HyTek Home Inspections:

  • Cost: We know what to charge in our market area. It may not be the cheapest, but operating a successful business has it's associated costs. And like you, we want the best...not the cheapest!!!

  • Honesty: We will do our best to diagnose this property and it's associated systems and components. All significant property imperfections noted will be documented. This will help protect or prevent liability issues down the road. Keep in mind, we simply did our job and found the imperfections, we did'nt create them.

  • Experience: A large percentage of our knowledge comes from years of actually doing this type of work, not just reading it in a book.

  • On Site Inspection: It may take us the normal three or more hours working the onsite inspection: however, we allot plenty of time between inspections. Over 900 items can be viewed at a 1800 sq. ft. single story property.

  • Written Report: All of the days physical work of walking the roof, crawling in the crawlspace, shooting photos, taking notes, etc. are now compiled into a written report. Our home inspection reports are precise and very easy to understand, and are printed on site to save you time.

  • Results: You now have a clearer understanding of the property you're about to purchase. Your confidence in our ability to provide this information is extremely important, for you, and for us.

We take an immense amount of pride in our work.



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We offer flat rate pricing, that way there are no surprises.

Most average size homes will cost around $275. Larger homes may cost a little more.