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What is the purpose of a Home Inspection?

To have key areas of a home inspected by a skilled professional prior to the purchase, in order to Mitigate the risk of a home investment.


What is the purpose of a Home Inspection Report?

The home inspector describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection. The client then uses the knowledge gained to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase.


Does a bank or lender require a Home Inspection?

The answer is NO. Lending institutions (depending on the loan) can require an Appraisal and a Termite inspection, not a Home Inspection.


Do I, the buyer of a property, have to share the Home Inspection Report?

The answer is NO. You hired and paid for a Confidential Home Inspection Report for Your Bennefit. Nobody else has a legal right to Your Confidential Home Inspection Report. It is your responsiblity to read and understand your home inspection report. Sharing this information with anyone who does not have an unbiosed interest may not be in Your Best Interest.


I heard that between 30 and 50 was the normal pages in a Home Inspection Report?

The answer is Not nessacarily. Several factors will determain the size of the Home In spection Report such as, age, sq. ft., and the year the house was built. How many issues were noted and reported on. The amount of information a home inspector decides to include.


Are all Home Inspectors the same?

The obvious answer is No. Here's an example of four home inspectors inspecting a one story roof.

#1 inspector Pulls out a set of binoculars, and done.

#2 inspector Leans a ladder up to the roof, climbs to the roof edge, and done.

#3 inspector Leans a ladder up to the roof, walks on the roof, and done.

#4 inspector Leans a ladder up to the roof, walks on the roof observing structural integrity, bends down and checks bonding in several areas, closley inspects all roof protrutions, observes guttering for roof particles, and done


My Home Inspector refused to lite the pilot on a gas log set, is this normal?

(Two Part)

(Part One) Yes and No. First of all, the house was suppose to be ready for the inspection, which includes all gas appliances turned on and pilot lites lit. If the gas appliance is not on durring the inspection, the inspector would consider there was a problem with it, and turning it on could be a costly mistake.  And of course there are some inspectors that will test their liability insurance by turning them on anyway.


How do I, the home buyer, make sure this gas log set operates safe and correctly?

(Part Two) Have the home owner or the home owners representitive confirm this appliance is ready for inspection, and reschedule with your home inspector. Also understand there may be an additional fee for your home inspector to make a second trip. This fee is generaly passed on to the home owner or the sellers agent.


Why do Home Inspectors not include prices to repair in the Home Inspection Report?

The Home Inspector is not performing the duties of a contractor durring the home inspection process. If they are, you may want to get a true unbiased home inspector. For an accurate repair cost, Home Inspectors should deferr repair cost to those actively performing these services. The prices will vary from one contractor to another. The contractors Estimate of repairs will be on their companies letterhead, and generaly valid for thirty days.


My Home Inspector called out a problem, but the Contractor said it was fine. Who should I believe?

Get a second and third opinion. People make mistakes. It could be a simple communications issue. Ask your inspector and contractor to provide documented proof. Reguardless, this is a concern you have that needs to be investigated to Your satisfaction.


What is the difference between a Qualified Contractor and a Lisenced Contractor?

A Qualified Contractor is one who has demenstrated they are experienced and knowlegdable in their area of services offered.

A Licensed Contractor is one who has been issued a license through their state which allows them to perform certain services. As of April 2018 there is no Indiana state licensing for any tradesperson/contractor except for a plumber.


Should I use one of my real estate agents home inspectors or should I find another?

Ask yourself why is my real estate agent offering this or these home inspectors? Most all banks, mortgage companies, contractors, real estate agents, home inspectors, etc, have their own friends, family, groups or special "Clicks" they belong to. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Interview before you hire, its your money. Then hire whom You feel will do the best for You. This also applies to your choice of banks, mortgage companies, contractors, real estate agents.


Whats the difference between a Code inspection and a Home inspection?

Contractors Building a new house, or building an addition, or structural changes to a home are required to follow Building Codes. A building code inspector will inspect for compliance with their city, county, state, and national codes.

A home inspector in Indiana is required to follow the Indiana state guidelines for home inspections only. Some of the rules and guidelines do cross over to a home inspection.


Should I be concerned that my Inspector is affiliated with Porch?

The Buy Back Guarantee - WE'LL BUY YOUR HOME GUARANTEE - is also paid for the Inspector by Porch.com


BBB Accredited Business Profile - PORCH.COM

Avoid! They gave my phone and address to random contractors who started spamming me! After my home-inspector gave Porch my information (which I did not consent to), they called and offered me a discount, so I submitted a moving project to find local movers. While by email they listed three local movers they had paired me with, on monday I started getting calls by no fewer than 5 contractors, not movers, all of whom said they were given my contact by porch. I called Porch and they claimed that only those three moving companies received my information, nobody else. They swore they would get the "right rep" on this and contact me soon. They never did. Their behavior reeks of scam business. - 3/22/2018
Rory K.

ASHI vs. INTERNACHI -- Why one over the other?

Both organizations are very well known and both are dedicated to educating the home inspectors. Choosing one over the other makes no difference.


What is a Certified Master Inspector?

Internachi created this title as a marketing tool. This was designed for those who choose to purchase this designation and can now be called "The best of the best" according to Internachi. Unfortunately the criteria to qualify for this purchased designation does not set enough significant standards to raise the bar any higher than any other designation. 


How many home inspections can a Home Inspector do per day?

Most home inspections can take from one to three hours on site. Add another one to three hours to prepare the written report for delivery. Two home inspections is feasable. Three or more would make for a very long day. Of course a lot of variables come into play such as, is the inspector using pre-written narratives sometimes called a cookie cutter aproach, or does the inspector fill in the blanks with original content.








All brokers only get paid when a sale closes. A problem-free inspection is what hastens the sale.